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but why is the plastic messed up

Got mine in yesterday.  Luckily neither were smeared and got one with a little fuller autograph!

Wow…I think I’ll pass

Not worth it at all in any way

well, I know everyone hates flippers but there isn't an item I own that I wouldn't flip for 10 grand. for that much, you could have gotten 10 of the Obama/Springsteen ones and a Paul McCartney as well lol 

True lol but are real people really bidding on this? You could find other autographs similar to this for cheaper no? 

Yeah, there is no way someone is going to pay that when it's finished, well, unless they have cloning capabilities anyway! :D 

I think so. But people are going crazy over the "heart" symbol plus extra lyrics on the cover

I noticed when I read the description of the eBay post that her hair is inside the plastic wrap? Honestly if that’s real, then it is worth 13k lol

There's no way of proving that's even her hair without sending it to a lab. How many people handled it from signing to packaging? Odds are it isn't hers.

Odds are literally zero that it’s hers given she would never have been in the same room as the back cover, the plastic case or the shrink wrap!



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