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Very true 

I agree it's doubtful, but I have seen a couple of people on Twitter saying they had a blonde hair on theirs too, I saw a short black hair on mine that I know wasn't mine and I remember she posted that some people may end up with spilled wine or cat hairs on theirs so I wondered if I had a cat hair lol.  

That's for sure. The only chance it would be hers is if it was stuck to the actual front cover. That's the only part she ever saw before they were sent back to the packager.

Britney spears full lyrics sheet just sold for $6k.. this is overpriced for what it is. 

I agree. I do believe the owner is just shill bidding to boost up its “worth” so the next time he lists it, people would be more inclined to pay more for it. 

even people who have ended up with a 'heart' in addition to taylor's autograph are asking £1000's... one tonight went for £330 with bids and it was unsealed .... #where's my sharpie ..... not

Do you guys think 1989 is dropping soon? She seems to be releasing these albums a month apart. I’m thinking December 1-10th

I hope so. But she has been more active promoting and out and about. Just not sure if she will have the time to do it again. But like I said I hope so, so we can all have a set of all the re-recordings.

So it’s confirmed that 1989 indeed will drop next?



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