I’m wondering if the autograph I purchased is authentic or not (photos attached). I’m not experienced in this area so help is greatly appreciated!! If it’s fake I am going to cancel the order I placed to get it. 

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Sorry I missed that too.  When were these for sale on her website for only $5?  Nice deal if you got one or two.

So I go to cancel the order..and this pops up. (picture attached). I’m worried he’ll get angry if I say i found out that it’s not authentic..I’m not sure what to say to avoid conflict lol. His page says no returns. What should I do? (I’m not experienced in filing claims or anything either.) 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

If you havent received it yet, you have to wait for it to arrive.

File the claim with Paypal. You should not have to deal with the seller directly - in the past I have not - it IS uncomfortable. Dont engage, just let Paypal handle it.

You have six months protection with Paypal. Time is on your side. Just wait for it to arrive, file “item not as described” explain his scam etc. and you will eventually get your money back.

Unfortunately, you WILL have to eat the cost to ship it back. Make sure you insure and track it w/sig required for delivery (more costs for you) bc I have had sellers try to avoid receiving returns before.

Chalk it up to a lesson learned. These guys are a dime a dozen on Ebay. You came to the right place for help. Theres lots to learn here if you are interested in collecting safely armed with the knowledge you need to avoid folks like this in the future.

Good luck :)

Thank you so much for your help! I greatly appreciate it. 

You need not worry AT ALL that the seller says “No returns accepted”.  That rarely, if ever, holds up on eBay.  

Also, I wouldn’t worry about the seller possibly getting upset.  I’d send him a message via eBay anyway.  

ASK THE SELLER TO CANCEL THE SALE...BEFORE he ships it.  You can’t cancel the sale, but the SELLER CAN CANCEL THE SALE AT THE BUYER’S REQUEST.  That would be the simplest, quickest way to nip this in the bud.

Just tell the seller you have reason to believe the autograph is not authentic.  And rather than wasting both your and his time and money in shipping costs, you would like him to cancel the sale now.

If he’s willing to do so, the problem (and sale) will be over for both of you, and you can let him know that it will not count against either of your eBay records.  And you will never have to open a case with eBay or PayPal.

If he won’t cancel the sale now, then you will have to open a case after you receive the item.

This is the best solution, so try this before even dealing with ebay or paypal directly.

Exactly.  If the seller tries to cancel, a box will pop up with options asking for the reason for canceling the sale.  The seller simply checks,  “buyer requested the sale be canceled”. Once the seller checks that, it’s all over, no hassle, no problem.

But it obviously has to be done PRIOR to shipment.

I’ve done this before.  I paid for an ite, quickly realized it was not authentic, and I asked for the seller to cancel it so we both wouldn’t get consumed by a case.

This is a obvious forgery I'm sorry to say :(. I've seen this style circulate on Ebay for quite awhile. It seems to be an attempt of an older style signature (a bad attempt at that). She doesn't sign like that anymore since the fearless days I think. This style of signature, she rarely includes an A and does have an o. This one doesn't. Lemme show how her autographs has changed using the PSA and some I've got.

this is a seriously old style of signature, I haven't seen many that are like this. This is literally when she just started out!

Then she started to sign like this. (Mainly on her debut album Taylor Swift era going into fearless). You'll find loads of them about still today, a bit more expensive in my experience. You can probably start to see what the forger was trying to replicate but badly failing. See the irony of a older style forgery on a photo that was taken for her latest album!! This is not the first time either!! I seen it everywhere on different celebrities like ariana grande, ellie goulding, lady gaga. As I've been a long time fan of these.

This is her signature from the end of fearless, to the speak now and red era. The signature hasn't changed too much since. One thing I should note is the loop across the signature varies. They can be more circular or more oval like the reputation one.

The reputation one here you can say her signature has deteriorated a bit and it has imo. You can see that on more current stuff (1989 reputation and lover) they looked more cleaner years ago, now to me they look a bit rougher and more rushed. 

I hope this info helps, sorry if it's a little long winded. This is what I've noticed on her autographs, I've been a long time fan of hers :). I hope you can get your refund and one day able to get a nice real one. It sad cause it's getting harder and way more competitive for a Taylor autograph. Especially when you are on a budget. She's just so popular, loved by the young and old. And the bad thing forgers notice this and forge them, selling them at cheaper prices, flooding the market with laughable forgerys which makes it harder for newer fans/ new collectors to get one

All the best

Jake :)

just relax and don't worry. Wait a couple of weeks until eveyone is trying to sell their copies of the latest booklet signing. There are so many and they are already under 100 Dollar

100% a fake. 



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