Looks like she just added some more but probably won't last long

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Taylor posted this pic of her signing, just a guess but i still trust her and it seems like she is just using this extra time at home to sign these like i would have thought more of these artists would do.

When I got Lover there was an Letter authenticating the hand signed CD booklet from her. So I trust Taylor signing them all 

From her Twitter page 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Taylor signs everything herself. She has signed for most every release. She is arguably the best at signing and signing consistently. You have zero cause for concern buying from the TS webstore. 

Dealers who bought like 20 of these to resell are going to be disappointed. They must have sold a hundred thousand of these. They're going to be worth $5 each, everyone who wants one has one by now. I'm curious if this will affect her autograph value... Or just the value of these. 

Taylor Swift appears to go for good money and is a hard to get signature compared to many. I know people who tried to buy more than 1 and had orders cancelled so not sure how many will be out there

I was just checking out eBay to see what people were selling them for on there, I seen quite a few them had sold for around $34-40 shipped on eBay sold listings. How is anyone making profit at those prices? Seems not worth the trouble after fees and shipping cost you wouldn't make more than a few bucks... But I guess once all the cheap ones sell off that get flooded onto eBay right away, they will probably go up in value. Doesn't seem smart people are selling them that cheap though. 

I agree with you. Same thing happened with her previous signed offerings where they were offered for $10 - $20 more than paid. 6-12 months later the same signed items were going for 3x the price and more and selling. I tend to play the long game on these things as in a year or if she takes a break then her stuff will go up

Makes sense to hold out if you're selling. That's how it went with the Billie Eilish signed tapes too. People were selling them for $40-50 maybe less when eBay first got flooded, I didn't really pay too close attn to prices... But now that they're all sold I see them selling for up to $150-$200. Glad I got mine on the preorder.

I'm glad I got this one as well. I missed all the others that sold out instantly. Good way to add autographs to your collection cheap (when they're real). Been pretty lucky on that lately though (knock on wood). Gotten quite a few I never thought I'd get that cheap. 

Here’s my take, FLOOD THE MARKET!!! I wish more artists would do this , then the resale will go down to basically the price people would normally pay or less and that fan that can’t get one now has a chance to get one for themselves. I hate it when dealers resell them for 10-50x more than what they were going for on an artists website. Case in point Katy Perry. Newbury limited it to one per customer for Smile. When she sold it on her website people bought 50-100 because there was no limit and sold out with people having one or 2 in their cart and then being denied when they checked out.  I’d love to see someone like Garth Brooks just flood the market with his next album or box set so everyone has a chance to get his autograph 

Hard to really argue with this from a fan standpoint. The market for her is huge, and this really gives most fans a better opportunity to get something from her. Plus she seems to be one of the few artists (at any level) taking advantage of the pandemic and signing away.

If you're looking to sell, Christmas is in a couple months. Just sit tight.

I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion here, but I wouldn't mind if she ended up killing the resale market for these (either by just keeping these available on her website in perpetuity, or just flooding the market beyond demand) since I'm not a reseller.

I missed out on the other two drops, and didn't expect a third, so I bought a few copies for $35-50 each to gift for christmas/hanakkuh about a month ago after the second sale. I'm thrillled that I was able to get another (hopefully) straight from the source for a more favorable price.



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