Looks like she just added some more but probably won't last long

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After the Ozzy Osbourne fiasco, am I the only one who is concerned about this?

No real reason to be. All the other ones from her have been fine so far, and she's generally been good for it throughout her career.

Hopefully these are real I dont think shes ever done autopen and seems to care about fans but I cant imagine how many of these must have sold already. Hopefully it won't be a Lady Gaga "L" signature either but I'm taking the gamble. I've always missed her other signed stuff

I'm sure it will be similar to what was pictured. Worth the gamble anyway. 

Yeah for $25 its definitely worth the gamble. Since she's charging more than a CD usually costs Im thinking they'll probably be real. I don't really see her ripping off her fans, unless her record label is in charge of this. 

At least yours was an L. Probably the most disappointing autographed item I’ve ever have received. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Looks like Zorro signed that. Mine was somewhere between a ✔ and an L. Not a whole lot better. If I remember where I even put it Id upload a pic... Besides obvious fake autopens, definitely most disappointing. Especially since I'm a fan of Gaga, and I was really hoping to get her autograph without spending a ton of money,  and missed it so many times. 

I trust you guys.  Just ordered one.  Thanks.

Still available as of 7:45 pm. Either she signed a ton of these or she had them signed before and they are rolling more out. 

It looks like she signed a load more and they are selling them off. Surprising they are still available but mine shipped within 15 minutes of being ordered 

Mine hasn't shipped yet, but it does say ships after ordered. Odd the international sold out so fast. 

Dan, what time did you order yours?



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