Looks like she just added some more but probably won't last long

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I wouldn't mind it since I'm a collector, not a seller. Yeah it's nice knowing your stuff is worth a lot more than you paid in case you want or need to sell it eventually... But as a collector it would be nice if some of the preorders that are real autographs didn't sell out in 5 minutes or less. I've missed a lot I really wanted.

The only problem with leaving them up so long is if the person signing gets sick of signing after 100k signatures, and starts doing terrible non-signatures like Lady Gaga (or her assistants) did. Or simply can't sign that many then turns to the old autopen machine for help. 

I agree with you M. When i post a new item for sale by an artist on this site i'm doing it for the collectors and not the resellers. I didn't realize so many people use this website just for reselling. Since i do know that now i believe i will not be posting on here anymore when i see an artist with some nice items for sale.

What makes you say that so many people use this website for reselling?  I do not believe that to be true.  Most members who took advantage of this opportunity appear to be collectors.  I am happy to be among them.

I think this site is probably somewhat less problematic with resellers than some other sites perhaps (like maybe RACC). My general impression is that people here - while not always fans of the artists selling signed merch - genuinely want the item. 

Granted, it is somewhat hard to gauge exactly who's getting what from this forum, as not everyone watching it is posting feedback.

I'm glad I waited after missing out the first two times (they sold out quickly back then!).  They were all over eBay and Amazon from $38 to $150 shipped, and I couldn't bring myself to pay for that much.  I finally bought it on Friday.  

Now if Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga can get their acts together and sign those CDs, I'll be very happy!  With the exception of Katy Perry (who just had a baby), they should really get cracking on signing and filling out everyone's orders!

International is available again!

Got one! :) 

That's great, thanks for the heads as I managed to get one.

Not sure if it had any effect but I did email her store last Friday and pointed out that US purchases were limited to 4 per household (with 3 probably ending up on eBay) whilst international orders were only 1 per household. All it needed was a shift in stock and/or a change in rules. Whilst they did get back promptly they couldn't help, but maybe my email did do some good after all!

I also am a collector and not a seller. Although I look at my overall 30+ years collection as retirement at some point. But I appreciate those who do put stuff up here for guys like me. It sucks that a lot of stuff sells out before I get to it (like on Newburys where I used to have no problems) but at the same time I was able to get a few that I wouldn't have even known about had it not been for here. So my hats off to those who do it for the hobby!

So i have never bought a Taylor Swift Autograph before but i have seen all the comments on here vouching for her and how she has always been great about signing and good to her fans, the only thing that worries me about that is that i remember hearing the same thing about Lady Gaga before i finally got my first signature from her and it ended up being a Z, i just saw a lot of tweets from people showing the free signed Cd Taylor sent them with the blankets they ordered and her sending out free ones on top of the thousands she must have sold does have me a little nervous,  i have had such bad luck with nearly every big name lately but if you guys say she's ok i guess i'll still trust her lol

I think Gaga has typically been an erratic signer as far as signature quality. 

yea i guess i was just going on how i always heard how much she cared about her fans and i missed out on the Joanne, cheek to cheek and ASIB ones and all of those i saw had pretty decent signatures so maybe it was just me assuming it more than hearing it.



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