Looks like she just added some more but probably won't last long

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does anyone have the link to the Taylor Swift international store? thanks for your help

Yeah I'm a bit worried only if she gets tired from signing so many and decides to shorten her signature or just signs worse. I think they'll be real I just hope she don't do too horribly rushed crappy looking autographs. There had to be tons of these sold since she's pretty much the biggest name out there for musicians/celebs. But only time will tell. All the ones I seen so far looked good.

Yea well i saw tons of them from people who bought blankets and were sent free ones and they all looked like her normal signature, one person even tweeted that they bought 2 blankets and were sent 3 free signed Cd's, they just seem to be giving away so many on top of the tons she's sold, also saw several articles about how she had dropped down in the charts but has now had a resurgence and is headed back to the top, whether they are real or not it's pretty obvious that is why they keep adding more but it's the way the business is now with these top acts

Makes sense, I guess if she's dropping in the charts it doesn't look good for her, so this is a good way to make it appear she's not. 

Anyone's ship yet? Mine haven't. Curious to see how they will look.

Has anyone who bought one in this last release and received a shipping notification actually seen any movement on their tracking? I got a tracking number a couple of days ago, but thus far the package hasn't actually gotten to UPS.

Yeah, same here. UPS label created but no movement.

My CD just switched from "Label Created" to "Shipped"/"Origin Scan" sometime this afternoon.

Mine will be delivered Saturday the 24th. 


Looks like Taylor sold 57,000 signed CDs in the last sale... $1,475,000 in CD sales, not bad. 

From Billboard:

"The album’s huge increase is owed to an explosion of sales generated from Swift’s official webstore, where the superstar sold autographed CDs of the set for $25 each for a limited time. Of Folklore’s units earned for the week, album sales comprised 57,000 of that figure – a gain of 709%."

Yea i haven't said much because everyone seems so sure they are legit but i keep seeing people that bought multiple blankets and were sent 4 or 5 free signed cd's and it's just starting to seem a little hard to believe she is signing 5000-10,000 of these a day which she would have to be doing if that number you stated is correct. i just know that they are giving free ones away like candy on top of all they must have sold. after the Ozzy thing where they did multiple auto pen versions of his signature i was thinking it wouldn't that hard for an artist to sign 100 or even a 1000 and them to program the machine to alternate them and we would never know. just a thought and they could be real but i've gotten so many fakes the last couple of years that i'm paranoid 

I think Machine Gun Kelly signed 13,000 CDs and he posted a video of himself signing. I did the math and figured out it would have taken him about 9 hours to do that many. So I think 57,000 would be realistic to do. If she signed faster than him it might be even less than 9 hours per 13,000. But at the same speed it would have taken roughly 40 hours total to sign 57,000. That wouldn't be too hard for someone to do, that's a weeks work for a normal person. But split into a few weeks or months (not sure how long she had these in her possession to sign ) it wouldn't be too hard to do or be inconceivable to be able to do.

I got 2 and the ones I've seen online look real. Even if she did a lot of different autopen styles, the autopen leaves certain signs like dots where it starts and stops and no varying in line pressure (the line just looks the same thickness the whole signature). So there would still be ways to tell if it was autopen. I'm thinking these are real.



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