Looks like she just added some more but probably won't last long

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Is anyone still waiting to receive theirs? One of my flatmates said she was given a tracking # around the same time as I did, but UPS still isn't showing as having received it.

I got my order just fine, so I can't tell if this is a case of hers just getting lost, or if UMG is pre-emptively "shipping them" so they can count them towards that week's sales even if they didn't actually have them all ready to be fulfilled.

I think a lot of merch vendors have some pretty shoddy logistical setups. I've seen so many weird tracking situations this year - combinations of carriers that make very little sense other than thy probably saved someone time, labor or a few bucks somewhere.

Mine just turned up today after getting caught by customs so had to pay the fees before they would deliver it. Ordered on the 18th Oct and 'processed' on the 21st.

Yeah, same for me in that customs got mine too. I accept having to pay what I am legally obliged to in the way of taxes but the extra £8 admin fee for the customs guys is so annoying.

I would prefer to give the custom duties to charity rather than be forced to pay them and the post office admin fee is just plain outrageous

I’d tell her to email them. Mine was in limbo for a week and when I emailed them it got processed that day

They got back to her pretty quickly (at least as far as UMG support is concerned) - they offered to reship the order. Then when she requested that, they said that they were out-of-stock and she could choose an item of equal or lesser value from the store, or refund.

Based on the ludicrous number of these that were sent out to people for free (anyone who ordered the Capital One bundle or blankets I think), it's disappointing that they didn't hold any back in case of order problems.

looks like she’s done signing. not even up anymore 

The vinyl comes out in a few weeks really hope she drops some signed lps 

It’s up again 

The left CD is from a friend of mine who preordered and picked up the CD from Newbury Comics, while the CD on the right came from the Taylor Swift’s website.  Of course, my friend opened her CD. 

Signed CDs up again and on sale for $13 apiece, 24 hours only while they last, looks they have for the US and international at the moment.



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