Looks like she just added some more but probably won't last long

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Halsey signed 40,000+ CDs, vinyl, cassettes, though it took many months longer to complete (granted, these were really nice, every letter signatures). 

I thought Lorde signing 10,000 or so lithos a few years ago was crazy.

Yeah, I thought the Lorde one was a lot too, and she took a long time. After I figured out the math on the MGK ones I realized doing tens of thousands isn't too crazy. His signature is just MGK and two x's after, so maybe his is faster... But Taylor's is pretty flowing and looks like it would be quick. Halsey's had to have taken a long time. At least with covid and many of them at home not touring they have time to sit around, watch Netflix and sign for a few hours per day.

 According to the Billboard article I read Taylor had dropped in the charts so she did that to get back to number 1, and also be the first CD to sell a million copies in 2020. So seems like her plan worked.

Now if we could get real signatures from all these preorders and have them signed before selling them like Taylor did, and they ship quick, we would get spoiled pretty quick. I'm pretty happy with the way she handled these. 

Hey Rich just asking because i had read that Halsey was one sending out autopens so i have avoided her stuff, the pictures that were going around were definitely autopen but if other's had a different experiance i might try next time around.  

The first wave of CDs that went out from the UK store (that shipped in January, right around release day) were autopenned. The US CDs, vinyl, cassettes and "Ashley" CDs that shipped months later were signed by her.

Do you know how many autopen versions there were, Rich?

I was aware of only that one on the UK CDs.

thanks, i had put her on my do not buy list when i saw the auto pen pics but i guess if she puts them on sale again i will try as long as i know there is a chance of getting a real one

I agree.

57K. Talk about writer's cramp! That's a big number but when you factor in her fan base that's still a small number. Covid has changed the way musicians market their product for sure.

Mine arrived today.  I was pleased to see that the autographed CD booklet was actually encased and sealed with the CD, unlike other artists who have sent a separate autographed CD booklet along with a sealed copy of the CD.

Mine arrived today! It's nice and legit. I like the positioning. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Looks nice. Mine had a heart under that sticker on the top right, yours might have one hidden there too. 



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