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$13 is an amazing bargain

So I always get blasted when I question whether these ultra-popular artists are actually signing these or if they are autopen so I'm not accusing but just asking, I was holding out but finally gave in and bought a couple of these last night, it was late and I didn't realize it until I got the email but these are coming from the dreaded UMG that I vowed to never do business with again. just wondering what the verdict is from those who have received theirs? I have received autopen from UMG several times and they are also the ones who send out multiple versions to try to trick us. I hear that she is good about signing but don't trust UMG and wanted you guys opinion since I know there are people on here that know how to tell much better than I do.  thanks

There doesn't seem to be much of an autopen risk here based on what we've seen, and I think Taylor has enough awareness and control over these types of aspects of her career (and name brand) to avoid a rogue manager or UMG agent pushing sales numbers through fake product.

Back to the signatures themselves though, I haven't heard any actual concerns brought up for any other reason than the volume. They seem just fine.

Thanks Rich and yes I heard good things about Taylor too and also thought she wouldn't risk her reputation but I thought the same thing about Ariana Grande, who also had a good signing reputation before her auto pen's just came out. it always seems to be UMG so that's why I'm paranoid. I hadn't heard much about whether people thought they were real or not so was just wondering   

The Ariana thing I'd pin more on Bieber, Braun and UMG than Ariana. She's been good for it when it's just her. 

I agree and never had a problem with her before but she is also big enough that I would have thought she would have more control over her brand and reputation and at least put out a statement against whoever damaged her image. it was the same with Ozzy and Lady Gaga and others. tons of negative feedback on social media that they had to see and proof of people getting ripped off and they stay silent. not saying they are guilty but ignoring it makes them look that way. 

So reading this, are the Bieber / Grande CD Singles currently on the way to my Stackry Box - for forwarding to the UK - Fake / Autopenned? 

I haven't gotten mine yet but I have seen tons of complaints on social media about them being Autopen. I probably should cancel them but at $5 apiece and knowing they will keep the some for the digital part I haven't yet. I'm hoping that since there have been so many complaints that the next round might be real but who knows. have the same hope for my 2 Lady Gaga ones since I haven't gotten them yet either, lots of complaints and returns so maybe with this extended wait I will get more than just an L.  

Don't know if there is anyone left who wants a Taylor signed CD that didn't get one yet but she extended the $13 signed CDS till Dec 3rd, I know you all are probably right about them being real but I went ahead and canceled mine. just seems like an awful lot to hand sign plus I really don't want to go back on my vow to not give crooked UMG any more of my money lol

$13 signed CD sale now extended through the 9th.

They're really milking this cow to the fullest. Soon you'll not be able to give these away.

That's good news for the collector, correct? I think Taylor is going all out to serve her fans.



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