1 per customer limit - $25, get them while you can:

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Yes and no. The biggest fans will have already picked these up at $25, or they have resorted to the secondary market as most international fans had to do, thinking it was very limited. So they might feel cheated seeing it advertised for so low now.

I do appreciate her serving all her fans, but it would have been refreshing if they straight out advertised it as that. "Never mind if you missed it, we're planning to release more later so everyone gets a chance". Now they were creating hype with sell-outs and that's what I call milking.

But still no additional copies for international customers! Just don’t get that. If they have loads still to sell to US then why not throw a few more at those overseas?

That probably has to do with distribution deals. The international distributors have bought stock to sell and won't be pleased if the market is being saturated with signed CD's from the artists store in the US.

You didn't get one? 

Yeah, I did get one at full price for myself, but I would have ordered a second at half price for a Christmas gift for someone if the system would have allowed. But all is good, and I have picked up some wonderful signed items as a direct result of the heads up on this forum. Items I would not have got without. Love this forum, and the community on here!

When these first went up a week ago at the sale price, they had the International option too, though they were limited to one-per.

There could be a bunch of reasons why they don't do more international. Like Jor-El already said, the biggest reason is probably licensing/distribution deals. Most music/merchandise is distributed/licensed based on regional/territorial agreements, which is one of the reasons that merchandise used to include digital copies for US orders only. It's also why we see so many region-locked deals like these or the UK exclusive Queen CDs. I'm sure selling items internationally also causes more logistics problems: international payment methods tend to have higher processing fees compared to domestic ones, shipping is more complicated (slower and more paperwork) which can mean more lost packages, and it may result in more unhappy customers (due to lost packages, import duties, slow fulfillment) due to things outside of their control.

That said, none of this really explains why they haven't been releasing these in her UK (or other) store as well. The only thing I can guess would be if it has something to do with Billboard charting rules about international sales counting different, but I'm not away of anything like that.

well like I have said I'm no expert but the longer they keep these on sale the more nervous I get about them being real. not only because they are coming from UMG who has constantly sent me autopens but also because it's Taylor Swift, 87 million Twitter followers, 140 Instagram followers, selling $13 signed Cds 3 weeks before Christmas, and been selling for an entire week this time. the number sold has got to be getting astronomical by now. not trying to be negative but just asking if it's really possible she could be really signing this many by hand?  

I've never once been worried about Taylor actually signing the items before, but yeah I'm a little twitchy on this one. Based on the duration and price of this drop, I have to assume it could hit 100k sales especially with the release of the Disney+ special. This seems unbelievable for an album that came out in July.

That said, these are supposed to ship in 2-3 weeks. That at least opens up a little more time to sign/package these. Presumably they want all of these to ship within the same week for charting reasons, so my guess is nobody will see much movement on these until the latter part of that period.

yea I still want to believe they are real and hoping someone would say something positive lol, it's just that being so close to Christmas there are probably a lot more people than usual buying them for gifts, plus everything I bought from the big names in the past that was real always sold out quick and everything that was on sale for a week or more and not sold out has been Autopen. that plus knowing how corrupt UMG are what have me worried.  

The last big batch of Swifts were fine, and they said she sold something like 50k that weekend. Similarly, Gomez (who I still consider to be a big name, but I don't know if you do) was good with her stuff. I don't know how long each drop was on sale, but she had several re-stocks over several weeks and everything came through okay. Everything I've seen has shown that Taylor actually seems to care about her fanbase (as least as much as a super-celebrity can), and as Rich said she is also very careful with her brand, so I fully expect her to stay on trend and for these to be real. That said, this is UMG and so I won't be shocked if there are issues. It's still early in the month, but I'm thinking this is going to be my last preorder for the year, so I'm hoping to end on a high note.

Plus, this is topsy-turny world so who knows what to expect. I remember a bunch of people saying that Gaga was always good (wasn't), Grande was good (wasn't), Halsey was good (mix, though maybe not her fault), and Lovato was bad (actually signed the stuff that got fulfilled).

Edit: Also to add, they sent out tons of free signed CDs to people who were waiting on their orders, and they were good. So between the free ones (which some people still complained about, but that's a whole 'nother conversation), the ones to the indie record stores, and the website releases, she's shown no aversion to signing stuff.

She's also still in a feud (I think) with Scooter. So while she probably wouldn't know (or care), there's also the possibility that her people see the flack his top two artists are taking for fake autographs, and see this as an opportunity to yet again show that he's [allegedly] a scumbag.

yea my biggest worry is that it is UMG, and I also remember hearing about how much Gaga and others loved their fans and how good they were about signing only to be disappointed. the first autopen I ever got that I knew about was Demi Lovato but I heard she's gotten better about it since then. but if they said Taylor signed 50,000 in a weekend then it 4 or 5x more than that this time with the lower price and longer time on sale. I do wonder sometimes if the artists even know when they do this, just say Taylor sends in 20,000 and UMG could print out 100,000 more with the machine and she might not even know. I just know that I saw tons of tweets about the free ones they were giving away and a lot of them said they were sent 4 or 5 free ones depending on how much they bought. just seems like a lot to sign on top of the tons they sold. I know I'm paranoid but I've just been ripped off so many times in the last couple of years that it's getting harder to trust any of them 

I would be very interested to see any evidence of autopen signatures.  Until then, this bickering is pointless.



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