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Vinyl and CD (CD looks sold out) https://store.taylorswift.com/

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Can’t even see them. Got a link?

I guess they are sold out sadly… I don’t even know for how much time they were live. I tried the CD and it wasn’t available and then the vinyl but it was sold out during checkout because of the captcha thing…

It was deleted from the website shortly after it sold out

Are we talking about Collector's Edition Deluxe CD's with bookmarks?

F*ck the captcha! Sold out when I was checking out!!!

Thanks for posting! I managed to get one.

It looks like they are sending CD sized art cards this time round even for the vinyl 

Dang that's a bummer, better than nothing though. I suppose the larger sized prints are going to go up in price now since she stopped those apparently.

At this point I’d love anything signed since this is the only era that I’m missing a signed item :( scalpers always get the stuff… even on eBay, it’s flooded with so many copies of this record

Check FB Marketplace - I've seen sellers in LA offering this for $100 a pop. Still not necessarily ideal, but better than the highway robbery prices on the Bay.

Me as well but I was holding out hope for the bigger cards, I had it in my cart a couple days ago but the timer is what got to me, it started with 8 minutes then 4 minutes pass and it's gone then taken out of my cart.

I think you can find the signed CDs for $100 on some marketplaces which isn't as bad as it was before in my opinion.

looks like already gone again... Was finally able to get one 


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