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Why would Amazon do this? Who would profit besides Jeff bozo?

They wouldn’t. They just sell what’s sent. If there’s an issue here it’s at the label side. 

Lol I was up all night and not thinking straight.. can't believe I didn't think of that haha.. time for bed

Looking at examples on ebay, the ones with the 'odd' Curt signature also have a different style of Roland's autograph. 

I thought that - the bit under his looks like "tff" on some to me, but not on the 'odd' ones

So what’s the general consensus on here then? If Curt finishes in a downward direction it’s good, and if he finishes going upwards it isn’t? Mine from Amazon UK is attached which would appear to fall into the ‘not good’ category unfortunately.

Curt Smith has made a very useful post pointing out what the genuine ones look like:

My order from Merchbar just shipped from Australia. I ordered the Deluxe CD that comes with a signed print. I will be interested in seeing how that print compares to the Amazon UK signed cards. I will post a picture of it when I can. The shipping will take a while as I am in Minnesota.

Received the print today. What do you guys think of the sig's. ?? Thanks 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Looks good!

back in stock at amazon UK if anyone wants to risk it ....

That will be the 2 I sent back as fakes this week :)



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