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I am dying to get this. Does anyone know if it’s being sold anywhere else or if they have one they would sell or trade me?

Sold out... now Im thinking I should have grabbed one

I have 2 of these reserved...will swap for a Coldplay....but you may have a bit of a wait as this is not released to March 2022 !!

First new song from new album:

Seems to be available again now 

yes, available again.
but I need a UK buddy, the one I used so far is tired of getting so many packages.... (I guess Elton John was the last one).

and all the forward companies are expensive (this will cost me ~30 GBP, which is way too much)

If someone feels like helping me, let me know :)

If it comes avaliable I'll sort one 

I might be holding  2 copies in checkout. send me a direct message  and maybe you can take one for me...

I can only speak for Forward Via. There you can store packages 30 days free of charge. You can then ship the packages together (everything that arrives within the 30 days from the first package). It costs about 2 pounds per package extra for packing, but this way you pay for the forwarding once and only one package is sent to you (which is then a bit more expensive due to the weight).

I can't believe I missed this one...just saw Tears for Fears with Hall and Oats a couple years back and really would like to have this one.  If anyone has an extra and willing to sell, please let me know.  Thanks!

Back up just got 3 

Thanks, gone again though. Not my day.



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