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Not my Day either, got this one but would have loved the Signed PJ Harvey so much more !- I've missed every one of her drops in the last 12 months, how many now.... 6 or 7??

I keep slugging out as well. I am not going to worry though because like Ken said earlier on, Newbury Comics will more than likely have this available at some point. I purchased the Tears for Fears rule the world: greatest hits CD with auto'd booklet from Newbury in the past.

Green vinyl version now available with signed print - UK only.*/*/The-Tipping-Point-Exclusive-Signed-Art-Print-Green-Vinyl/7AIG0000000

Thanks! Thought I missed out but one came back in stock when I kept checking. Thanks to my OCD ;)

Got the 10% discount too! Love this group!

SOV10PERCENTOFF for 10% off too

Green vinyl back in stock at SOV (around 80 pcs available)

CD just arrived from Amazon - doesn't appear to be signed but when you open the shrink wrap there's a signed card in with the booklet.

So Amazon selling fakes yet again..... after last years Van Morrison Debacle and many others no doubt  - They should be prosecuted! 

Mine (from Amazon) looks like the one he verified as real. Photo below to add a data point. Although Paul at SDE who really should know as he had some involvement in the campaign doesn't believe there will be fakes - see

So, the larger one I am happy with having seen an in person signed one today.....the two smaller ones are from Amazon and look like the one Curt Smith tweeted wasn't his sig.  They are going back.



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