This pack contains:

- Tribute EP ReIssue CD

A combination of the original US and European releases of the Tribute EP from 2002 - this time with "Pat Riley" - a Self-Titled Album B-Side track - added! 

Track Listing:
1. Tribute (Album Version)
2. Cave Intro
3. Jesus Ranch
4. Pat Riley
5. Explosivo (Mocean Worker's Megamix) 

- 1995 Demo Cassette ReIssue

Featuring re-mixed versions of the original 1995 demos!

Track Listing:
1. Tribute Demo
2. History Demo
3. Kyle Quit the Band Demo
4. Krishna Demo

- Replica 1995 Flyer - Signed by JB & KG!

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Exactly what I was thinking

What’s the worse than can happen if it’s not legit get refunded 

use PayPal all be good 

Thanks for getting in touch. Yes! I can confirm that this is hand signed by the band and not printed. 

Never mind it's sold out anyways. 

Usa store sold out 

but euro store has some cheaper shipping too for international

Most European stores are in the UK (so not EU since Brexit), however I see this ships from Germany so this is truly EU meaning no extra VAT charges upon delivery.

Too bad I didn't do my due diligence before placing my order in the US store.

Me too mate I got mine shipped to my mates in the USA as the shipping was a lot 

either way we got a great deal

Thank you! Great find, just purchased.

Somebody was talking about FanmailBiz a while back and this post reminded me of this 8x10 I sent to Jack Black through the mail several years ago and got it back signed a few months later. never was sure if it was real or not. any opinions? 

Put it in the "Is this autograph real?" section. It's under Town Square tab. They can help in that forum. 

Cool thanks, I spend so much time on this forum that I forgot there are other places here lol



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