I have brought attention to this seller’s merchandise before on here, asking if their Lana Del Rey & Ariana Grande were real but after close attention I don’t think ANY that they’re selling are, except ones they sell for more money for obvious reasons (eg Joanne by Lady Gaga). They are all by the same hand with no difference in style of writing.

others have pointed out they’re selling fakes before but had their post removed as it’s against the rules to post anything like that on the app. They have been reported too, multiple times and I doubt anything will be done so I’d like to warn collectors on here just in case they come across any of these fakes. They also delete their listings afterwards too, meaning the signatures are obscured with a yellow banner when trying to view.

Their username is @ladylashlash

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she’s just getting sloppy with these forgeries now. I wish people would stop falling for them



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