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Recently I posted an autograph for the community's assessment of a piece of writing by Elvis Presley.  I had won it in an auction for a considerable sum but there was a hint of doubt which I, unfortunately, had not listened to.

As the reviews came in from the community, I was encouraged to research further into the auction's COA and the item in question. I was convinced that this piece was indeed a forgery.

Backed with your opinions and my research I was released from the transaction. I write this as an encouragement to anyone who has purchased an autograph and has doubts of its authenticity.

If this can help anyone on one approach in dealing with fake items, here is the final part of my discussion with DALSHIRE auction house. The following notes occurred after ongoing discussions where I made it clear that educated opinions in this community found the item to be questionable and PSA did a quick assessment corroborating that opinion. (Thank you again for your help and good luck to those fighting against the mountain of forgeries out there).

  • As I have stated and verified, this item you are selling is not authentic. If you stand by your Authenticator (GFA) I would suggest that you put the autograph and writing sample up for consideration with PSA and JSA authenticators who are thorough and reputable. If the person consigning this piece believes it to be real, he is mistaken and if you are not willing to do your due diligence to follow up on the claim that it is a forgery, then you will probably run into a lot of disputes. I've researched that both Christie's and Sotheby's auctions have set a standard of returning payments to buyers who have paid for forgeries. Is this your policy as an auction house? My preference is that you accept that this auction is null and void due to the false claim that the autograph and writing is authentic. It isn't.
  • Dalshire International
    Dec 02, 2021 7:51 AM MST

    We do stand by the opinion of GFA, however, we will release you from the transaction.


    Shawn Kinley
    Dec 02, 2021 8:36 AM MST

    Thank you. I appreciate the gesture.
    While I understand that you stand by the opinion of GFA I hope that you can appreciate that the autograph industry is inundated with forgeries and when multiple independent sources disagree with one specific source, it raises enough doubt that there can be little confidence in the items being sold. Unfortunately, GFA's reputation has encouraged me to look for further corroboration before I will purchase items "authenticated" by them in the future.

    Thank you again for cancelling this transaction

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GFA which stands for - "Guaranteed Forgeries Always!"


Anyone who "stands by the opinion of GFA" has very poor judgement. But, I give them credit for refunding you without a major hassle. Glad it turned out ok.

The one thing I’ve learnt from this amazing community is to seek opinions BEFORE purchase. At first I was always concerned that by waiting for a response I would miss out on an item…but peace of mind is worth far more.




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