I was asked if these items were authentic or not and I said I do doubt their authenticity. The buyer sent a letter to the shop stating this and the shop said there authentic because they come with Forensic Examination (yeah we've heard that before)..

What do the rest of you all think?

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I sure don't think the Beatles signed these. Who authenticated them?
Does the buyer live in the UK? What did he pay for the Sgt. Pepper album, $15,000? If he bought these by credit card in the last few months they may be able to get help from their credit card company. He could help a lot of people by talking about his situation here, so please mention that.

BTW, who was the forensic examiner?

yes they do Steve. I'll forward the information onto them.

The top one looks all sorts of bad. Not even close in my opinion. The bottom one, although fake as well, is a much better forgery. I believe the pepper is from that large SOCAL forgery ring. The way the S in Starr comes to a sharp point at the top and is the way it stops at the top then starts again. Also, the way the A and U in Paul join together in my opinion is another give away.


compare it to the Revolver from ARA. Looks to me like the same person signed both. The Ringo is almost identical.

Joe Long maybe?


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