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Are the signatures hand signed originals or printed does anyone know?

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I think they're hand-signed, but unfortunately by a forger.


Someone needs to practice their forgeries...these are terrible...

do you honestly believe these have a chance at being authentic?  it seems like you might be searching for Beatles autographs at a cheap price. it will never happen.  you will be hard pressed to get all 4 on any item, in any condition for under 6K.

Maybe these of 3 of them for around 5-600 im hoping, what do you think of them? 

 Signatures: 3 x George 1 x Paul 1 x Ringo

I'm confused, are you saying these three are going for $600? 

Hi, no just meant I'm hoping to buy them for £600 I live in uk

The ones at the top are just plain awful


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