While I may not be new to getting autographs in person, I am when it comes to what are the best pens and markers. This is especially true when it comes to silver. This all came about after I wanted to get a particular Rory Mcilroy photo signed in silver. I wanted it to be perfect and something that I wouldn't need to prep for a few minutes.

After a search around the message boards I kept seeing Deco, Infinity, and Sharpie as the best choices. I didn't like how the Deco and Infinity performed, so I went with the Sharpie and it turned out horrible on my photo. The signature is starting to come off due to it being high gloss (I wasn't aware that this would happen, obviously).

So I stumbled onto a video from an Upper Deck signing and paid close attention to what they were using. After taking a screenshot and blowing the image up, I had my answer. It was a Uni Paint Medium Line silver marker. I quickly ordered one. After testing it, it's by far the best looking and almost no prep needed. Now for some comparison pics (first one natural light and the other in low light).

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I have this paint maker and the one thing I've noticed is that on certain surfaces even after a day of drying if you rub your finger across it, it will still smear a bit / rub off. Not so much on photo's but on things like my Nike Game Day Seahawks jersey if signed on the numbers the glitter silver will smear even though the paint is dry. I'm curious if anyone else has had this issue.



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