Just got an email from The Black Keys email chain. They just added signed copies of their CD, but it looks like there are only 500 of them per the email.


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Even though its still sold out, the limit is now set at 2

6 in stock

Seems to be completely removed from their website now.

Lol I still have 2 in my cart when stock was coming in and out quickly. Havent been able to check out. Ill see how long they sit there

Got shipping confirmation today 

Didn’t take long as shipped from down the road in Nashville 


mine is in transit to Minneapolis 

I just  stumbled out of the Greenbrier distillery in Nashville - I am here for a few days. Awesome city 

LOL…welcome to Nashville and have fun!! I’ve lived here for years and love it, lots of changes in recent years with lots of folks moving here and downtown is just nuts!!

And thanks again your heads up the other night, hate to be one of those people that ordered last and got theirs first but I’ll take it lol. 

Thanks Matt. Also, you are welcome for the  heads up - very happy you got one. They are a cool piece for the collection. 


They all are slightly different.  Looking nice!


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