The Carpenters : The Musical Legacy book signed by Richard Carpenter

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It says signed copies preorders are sold out ??

Yeah, sold out :(

Was in stock when I posted, that was quick or maybe few signed copies. Waterstones might have a few in the coming days, I'll check. 

I missed out on this book from Rough Trade.  However on looking into a little more I found that the author is Mike Cidoni Lennox and Richard Carpenter just wrote the intro.   It seems that Talk live are interviewing Mike, with limited signed copies.  Will be interesting to see who actually signed the book that Rough Trade are selling.

Does anyone know if Barnes and Noble got this one?

Yes - they had 3 at my location.

Showing in stock now at B&N (was not there the other day or I missed it):

Thank you for posting! I grabbed 2. I was hoping this would be available somewhere. My xmas shopping is complete now.


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