Hi Everyone- Yet another offering out of the UK. This one from a dealer who has several pieces I would die for- if only they were real. I took issue with one or two signed pieces whose signatures I was familiar with, so the rest are in doubt for me. Still, I've listed a few below for your opinions, starting with this- The Clash London Calling (one of my top three dream acquisitions), followed by The Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bullocks. All opinions are welcome and greatly appreciated. -Syren

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These look like junk to me, purposely created with fraud in mind, designed to deceive. Steer very clear.

Will do. Thanks for weighing in.

Both are dreadful fakes - as bad as you can get...

I thought as much- thanks so much.

Awful awful awful. I contacted this seller but of course he was rude and dismissive 

Many thanks John- you're a treasure!

garbage...both of them


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