The collection of the late Jordi Tarda - Spanish Music Journo/DJ

My attention was drawn to this past auction this morning by Andy at Bowie

A little intrigued, I googled Jordi Tarda and established he was a successful DJ and music journalist. Whilst his credentials of meeting several stars are not under question (there are plenty of pictures), some items being offered by the estate are VERY questionable.

The estate recently auctioned up to 15,000 of his records, some of which are signed, here are a couple more signed "examples" from his collection (note the 60's sig style on Miss You below):

An even worse Bowie forgery than the Aladdin Sane one in the Bowie Autograph article:

Whilst I am not suggesting these items were done by Mr Tardi's hand, this type of auction and hype (because of his connections) continue to underline the need to get better 3rd party evaluation before buying!

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Had the stones signed every lp linked to him they would have needed 2 days and a three dozen marker pens to sign them all,perhaps even with their busy schedule they did sit for 2 days signing autographs for Jordi we will never know 

Who auctioned them? In the US it's common for lesser quality estate auction houses to salt the auction with lots not from the estate. We've seen it often here with autographs.

Hi Steve

This auction house:  had the vast majority of Tarda's items going through it in batches (with the last few still on sale). The biggest ticket items sold in May and then they found their way onto secondary seller sites such as this.

Thanks, Mark. It appears that hundreds of people may have been burned. It's a crying shame.

Indeed. Good catch Mark.




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