Was fortunate enough to make a deal on a limited set Signed by the Eagles number 307 of 500. This is one of my favorite box sets I really enjoyed the millennial concert.

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These are getting harder to find.  Folks are hanging on to them........

Mine is number 270?

Are you sure you do not own the first 150?

I heard that the FIRST 50ish were never sold/made available to the public.  Could be hearsay or rumor, I have no idea nor first hand information about the distribution. 

Just heard that through another collector.

Apparently this one was done through Yahoo on a Auction or whatever it has a letter from the summer 2002 tour.

that would make sense when I was out with a band we took the first 10 numberd posters at every show.

its common that the early numbers go to the inside family

Not sure, only ever seen a few of these, not sure how many are out in the wild either. Not much out there now.

Great piece! :)

What is the value of this? I am new to music and love the Eagles.

This one was up for about two k, but I talk to seller down. I'm hoping it's worth more than I paid for it at least. Maybe someone else would know

What did u pay for it

1250 would take about 1600 for it.

Very cool. Keep an eye out for a Takamine guitar. I am searching for 1



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