Jerry Lee Lewis. Elvis. And other oddities. Opinions sought. eBay seller: shjobr

I picked this up recently. Would invite opinions on this one before I mat it. Thanks.

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More from this seller. I was mistaken - all under the one name.

Click for full image:

I have not seen a Gleason from him in some time. 

I note a little spot of ink on most all curves of two letters shown in this thread. Most peculiar.

It's a shame my new acquired JLL is not genuine. I now have a "killer" photo without an autograph to mat. Back to shopping!

Hopefully, bad karma on the way for the seller.

joe did u buy it if so when we can help get your money back 

Thanks, Marc. Just got this signature in yesterday. Seller has already agreed to refund. I thought this signature was off. That's why I asked and I appreciate all the input from you and the others.

Seems this seller has a bigger problem than just my Jerry Lee Lewis.

Great glad to here that. 1 2 3 4 5 seconds it will be back up on Ebay 

Good Joe, sorry this happened. Gleason's stopped when someone sent seller photos of perhaps 5 of his previous "Gleason's". He's been up to this for years.

No problems, Eric. No harm to me as I do investigate the autographs I get. The bigger problem is all those buyers who think they own something genuine and don't.

At least, he's getting exposed and eventually the karma will catch up with him.


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