This “signed” postcard is currently on eBay at a starting bid of $10K. Obviously, the signatures look awful.

It’s being offered with what is claimed to be a Caiazzo LOA and receipt from Heritage.

Here’s the heading portion of the LOA along with one from an authentic Caiazzo LOA.

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Another Ebay stunner.  

I sent the info to Frank in case he wants to do anything about the listing.

Thank you, fab.

Wow that LOA could fool alot of people. 

I called the #1 authority on Frank Caiazzo LOAs: Frank Caiazzo. He said it's counterfeit and gave me more than 10 obvious reasons why. These are a few:

  1. Most obvious: It says "I base this opinion on over 26 years of study of and experience with Beatles signed and handwritten material." The COA is dated 2009. He started in 1987, so that would be 22 years.
  2. It's not on letterhead paper. It's printed on some sort of die-cut page.
  3. The font used for Frank's name and address is clearly wrong. He did not use a serif font.
  4. The date is written "July 04, 2009". He never would write July 4 as July 04". Who would?
  5. The date is far darker than the rest of the text. His never look like that.
  6. The verbiage is wrong for the time period.
  7. His signature is printed on it, not actually signed.

Here's the complete fake LOA:

These are genuine examples of Frank's LOA with the same type style. Frank confirmed all of these are genuine:

Here's how Frank typed a date with a single-digit day:

Thank you for doing that, Steve. Here’s #8: “reduce in size” instead of “reduced in size.”

Well done everyone - the listing has been removed by eBay

Thank you, fab432.



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