The Many Variations of MJ’s Autograph/Did I Make a Big Mistake ?

Good Morning Everyone ! 

It has been a while since I logged into my account here, and generally speaking, I stick to the baseball autograph discussion pages, but i saw one lot yesterday with two potential MJ autos at a relatively low price nearing the end of auction at a small online auction house, and upon comparing these autos to PSA’s online database, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a gamble. 

The two signatures offered couldn’t look any more different from one another, but Jordans signature appears to have gone through many changes over the years from what I’ve seen, and each one does match (at least IMO) certain examples available through PSAs database. 

I’m hoping someone here with some experience with both vintage and more current MJ auto styles might take a moment to offer some feedback on one or both of these items I ended up purchasing from the auction.

#1 is a framed action shot photo with a signature that seems to resemble older MJ autographs where letters were more easily deciphered and appear less rushed than later In his career 

#2 is MJ in baseball uniform alongside Harry Carry in which Jordan’s signature has lost much of the eye appeal it once had and looks more like a hieroglyph than an autograph in my humble opinion . 

Would either of these be worth submitting for TPA, and for future reference in terms of value, is the earlier signature style the more desirable and valuable among collectors? 

I’ve posted both the photos I pulled from the auction and a magnified and cleaned up view of each autograph in question. 
I appreciate your time and assistance and hope to hear from one or many of you soon. Thanks again !


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The full name signature is an autopen likely sent from his foundation & the one with Harry Carry looks like it could be a forgery IMO.

Both no good.


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