The asking prices for Michael Jordan Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA) items continue to soar.  Obviously, sellers can ask for a pie in the sky, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to get it.  

Now prices realized are usually quite a bit different from initial asking prices.  Yes, the prices realized for Jordan UDA item do seem to be going up.  In general, regardless of what Jordan item you want, you are going to have to pay more than what I paid for Jordan items I got 22 years ago.  I paid $1200 for a Jordan Red Bulls jersey in 1998.  Now it’s nearly impossible to get one for under $2000.  You have to get lucky.

For signed basketballs, especially signed in silver, the cheapest offer price right now on eBay is about $2800 OBO.  That’s crazy!  However, in the last couple of months, I have seen two beautiful bold silver signed balls sell for $910 and $950 and $1000 respectively.  The one that sold for $910 did so in Auction format.  So when adjusting for inflation, that’s actually CHEAPER THAN 20 YEARS AGO!!   And I saw a couple more go for $1500 or less.

But try telling that to a seller that has a price tag of $5995 for his Jordan ball.  But there is no way the seller is going to even get $3000 in my opinion.

However, to be fair, I have to disclose my own Jordan misfortune.  I used to own a Jordan Red Retirement UDA basketball signed in silver.  20 years ago, I bought it for $1300.  Well, about 10 years ago, I sold it to my brother for my cost, $1300.  It is limited to 123.  Last month, one of these retirement balls sold for $2600.

So while the demand for Jordan items seems to still be strong, WHERE WILL THE JORDAN MARKET BE IN THE YEARS AHEAD?  Upper Deck just raised their prices again.  Just go to their website.  I think they’re now asking for about $5000 for a signed jersey that was $1200 20 years ago.  Basketballs are around $3000 I think.

BUT ARE THESE PRICES SUSTAINABLE?!!!  JORDAN HAS SIGNED A TON OF ITEMS OVER MANY YEARS FOR UDA.  AND HE HAS MANY YEARS MORE TO SIGN SINCE HES JUST IN HIS 50s.  So in my opinion, I DO NOT THINK THAT THIS MARKET IS SUSTAINABLE FOR THE SIMPLE REASON THAT MICHAEL JORDAN HAS SIMPLY SIGNED WAY TOO MANY ITEMS.  And the market is flooded with his stuff.  With so many buying options, will there be enough people willing and able to plunk down $3000-$5000 for his stuff? 

Personally, I don’t think I would pay more than $1500 for a Jordan signed basketball because I think it might be a challenge to get your money out of it later.  Buyers have options when it comes to Mike.


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Just a couple weeks ago, someone got this Michael Jordan signed All-Star game ball from 1993 for a steal price of $910.

Upper Deck prices are actually worse than I thought.  I just went to the UDA website, and they are asking $8000+ for a Jordan Red Finals jersey.

And some basketballs are offered at $6000!  That’s insane!




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