Decided to start a new thread... Local memorabilia shop confirmed live ink and we removed it from the frame. It was processed in the mail in 1937 based on the reverse side. Took a few more photos before we packaged it up for JSA

the shop owner who’s been doing this for 40 years. “I strongly believe you got lucky as hell.”

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Besides the crossing of the t, isn’t the bottom of the B somewhat atypical in the index card example?

Yes. Not the typical flourish at the end of the "B".


After you said this in the Real Babe Ruth? discussion, I asked if you'd please post some of your Babe Ruths:

"Reply by Woody2Shoes on October 30, 2019 at 3:43pm

Don't sell your skills short. You saw something here that others didn't and you took the shot. It was a great call on your part. I don't normally search for Ruths. I've got them, I'm not in the market for one. If I was, and saw this for anything under $2000, I would have grabbed it. That means you can make it happen again because my belief is that you didn't simply get lucky. You made your own luck with a great eye for this. And you fished it out of a sea rife with fraud and forgeries. I'm impressed, and I don't get impressed easily."

I asked several times, but you never posted any of yours. In response, you started talking about Hauls of Shame and said that you had examples of their Ruths in your exemplar library.

Why won't you post some of them?

I remember the first several lines of that particular post for my own reasons, and I also wonder re where are the Ruths.

In a new development.... 

When I had doubts about the authenticity I emailed the Ebay seller, who promised a refund if it was not authentic.. He then doubted the authenticity of two Marilyn Monroe's he received in the same auction, certed by Piece of the Past. He sent them in almost a full week after I sent the Ruth in for authentication. He received them both back today as being not authentic by JSA. 

He emailed me today requesting the authenticity of the Ruth, to which I have not heard anything about yet. They haven't even shipped it back to me yet, they said they would email me when that was done. 

What to make of it? It's another black eye for Kevin Martin and Piece of the Past. What does this mean for the Ruth and its taking much longer at JSA than the Marylin Monroe.. Hopefully that they taking more time to research it.. 

I just called JSA, the Ruth was shipped back today.

based on the other two items not passing, I’m going to say not genuine is my official stance.

its going to be a real good forgery in my opinion 

There aren’t any other examples of Ruth signatures from Piece of the Past? 

Piece of the past normally deals in entertainment memorabilia. I’m not sure if they have sold any other Ruth items 




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