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maybe if I water fast for a month to save on groceries and gas... hmm.. im trying to think of a way to swing it... lol

Ok so this is my next purchase, but I might need to rob a bank first.

Is it true that he’s probably the most impossible in person autograph to get? 

put it his way Dobby Doberson, I used to work stage security here in Ontario Canada.

For Willie Nelson, he signed all of our Security Passes and we hung around with him beside his bus just shooting the breeze.

For Bob Dylan, I walked him off the stage to his bus on his right hand side, with my buddy also working security on his left. We were told to stay at least 3 feet away from him at all times, and if we uttered a single word to him we would forfeit our pay for the evening, and never work Security at the venue again!!! ...true story

Great story LOL I think my uncle said the same thing when he worked security. I was thinking of some other autographs that are nearly impossible… Mick Jagger, Axl Rose, Eric Clapton… but I think Bob Dylan takes the cake.

I purchased one, thanks again Mike for posting!

YW!  I can't afford one (until I fall asleep and drift into dreamland). .  But hoping sharing it with the community at least brings me some good karma.

He was the very first concert I went to in the mid 90s as a young teenager, with my mom. He actually let people climb up on stage, although I think I remember hearing later on it was only supposed to be women let on stage and that's mostly who got up there dancing with or by him... But being my first concert ever I thought that was just how concerts were, so being young and able to climb I took my chances and jumped on stage. Once I got up there I kinda got scared and froze up, and didnt know what to do, so I walked over to Bob and just said "Thanks Bob" and somewhat patted him on the back. Then the security pushed me over to the side of the stage and I went back down into the crowd. I remember one guy jumped up there with a small lined notepad and tried to get him to sign but he waved his hand no.

I just thought it was a normal concert and that's what always happens at concerts but now I realize how lucky I was and what an oddity it was to be able to stand on stage with Bob Dylan. Getting this autograph like 25 years later is really special to me since I thought I'd never get one after all these years. 

I just bought one; it is 799 Canadian and 606.94 US

Right, I started checkout to see what damage would be in USD.

Kenny, I may have to sell your CD. Totally kidding lol…

ha, I totally wouldn't blame you lol. 

congrats BGK, waaay too rich for my champagne taste with beer pockets..lol!

Enjoy it, and please share when it comes.

Maybe Santa will bring me one...lol

One of the last on my wishlist.

Now I will get a Dylan. I can't believe!

Thank you, mikanmar2!


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