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Yes. Fake signatures called out by fans and alerted indigo who contacted publisher/dylans team and all orders cancelled bc clearly there were no real signatures being offered by Dylan/team

It appears they would have sent out fake sigs if they had not been called out. One was sold prematurely and posted on Ebay.

That one person with the autopen version has a real rarity. Not authentic signature ofcourse but very rare book.

Does anyone think this will devalue bob's artwork which is signed? 

There's no indication those are autopen.

Good question. I think/hope not. I have three of his artwork. Ofcourse I did now buy the thinking about the value. 

The books themselves (had they been real) would have devalued the artwork, as many people certainly would have cut the sign page from the book to matte with whatever they wish. 

Now there is one less authentic option off the market, the art certainly will increase in value with each inevitable passing year ahead. 

Not everything that is rare is valuable.

I am a serious Dylan collector, and I would probably pay somewhere in the region of £50 to £60 for this as a novelty, but no more than that.  I can’t imagine anyone giving this guy the full CAD $799 he has paid for the book, so he’s left with the options of, a) keeping it himself as a very expensive novelty, b) selling it on the secondary market and only realising a fraction of his initial outlay, or c) requesting a refund from Indigo.  If I were in his shoes, I would choose option c.  I would ask Indigo if I could keep the book anyway, but I imagine they would insist on it being returned before issuing a refund.  Like I say, it’s a unusual novelty, but it ain’t a £500+ item, IMO.

Further, I imagine all of these autopenned books will now be pulped.  They can’t sell them as a signed edition, and choosing to re-market them as a facsimile edition, with a fresh dust jacket, would only serve to highlight the huge error in judgement they have so desperately scrambled to bury.  So far, the mainstream media has failed to pick up on this fiasco.  I’m sure both Dylan, Inc. and Simon & Schuster would prefer to keep it that way.


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