THE PRETTY RECKLESS Going To Hell LP With Autographed Postcard

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yeah me too but I'm guessing it will just be a regular postcard, I thought it was the artists that were doing this but the fact that nearly everything on Newbury is becoming postcards, it makes me believe they are behind it. 

I spoke with a retailer and he advised that the signed media is the decision of the artist and/or label.  Postcards are less expensive to print and ship.  

I agree when it comes to art cards which I don't hate as much as postcards but this has just changed recently with Newbury where nearly everything they are listing now whether it be Cd or Lp is coming with a postcard. really hate it with the Lps and 11 out of the first 12 listed are with postcards.  

And its annoying you pay for an lp and lp sized shipping for a small postcard as most or at least 50% of buyers will probably already have the lp its not too bad if its a cd with postcard but gets pricey with the lps

I am completely avoiding signed art cards - no matter who it is.  I'm sick and tired of signed art cards and or post cards.  Yes, you can get their autograph - but here lately some of the autographs are completely sloppy because they are signing so many.  I'd rather have 1 nicely signed LP (like the Billy Idol EP vinyl from Newbury/his site) than 20 signed art cards.  

Agree if im paying for an Lp lets have a signed Lp

The problem I have with postcard + CD is that the bigger sized postcards (not CD-size) often arrive damaged (folded) because no extra care in shipping is taken. They stuff them in a flimsy envelope with the smaller CD. At least with a vinyl the postcard is kept safe.

But I agree it adds up, especially if the LP is an expensive color variant. 
There's a lot of stuff I pass on, whereas if it were a signed vinyl sleeve I wouldn't hesitate.

Yes a cd and postcard thrown into a cheap mailer doesnt always end well ,lets hope the postcard trend passes along with the recent cassette tape push

Thank you for your order for the Pretty Reckless LP with the band’s autographed postcard. The pressing was scheduled for a March 4th release but we were informed today this will be postponed until March 18th…

Yeah, when I started reading the email I thought they were canceling them so I was happy it was just a 2-week delay. don't mind waiting as long as they show up

Out for delivery…

Yeah, I like the way Newbury has been doing this lately, they sent my shipping confirmation yesterday when it actually shipped a few days earlier. mine should be here early next week. 



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