So I have a small rant!! There are some people that I just love their penmanship and I can't have enough of their autos because it looks so cool! One of those people is anthony keidis and so when I heard he was signing his book I was ecstatic because he can be elusive when on tour sometimes. Well his new book instead of putting his gorgeous signature he wrote his initials and that really bummed me out because rhcp are one of my favorite bands!! I have not got keidis in a few years so I wanted to ask is this how he signs now or did he just shorten it for the book! I have never seen him sign like this or if I have I would have deemed it as fake because he usually takes his time! Don't get me wrong I'm glad to add the book to the collection but anybody else have any thoughts! Thanks for letting me vent !! Lol

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When you went for the signing, were all the band members there?

I assume he just uses his short signature for the book signings. I bought 40 signed copies by the whole band and I am hoping he used his full signature for those.

Are any of the 40 for sale? id be interested in 1

They'll all be for sale :)

are you going to make cuts out of them?  LOL

I might be interested in one copy also. Just let me know.

Sent you a PM already but I would be interested in one. Thanks Mike.


Have not yet considered cuts ;)
No just keidis was there!! If u get the full sig let me know I would love one of those!! Thanks

Just Keidis in NY. 2 other band members signed in CA.

Thanks. I was told the books I'm to receive would be signed by all 4 members. Will let you know how they turn out.

Flea and Chad Smith.

Looks like Premiere Collectibles had these for $30. It's a shame for everyone else who wanted one that they had a limit of 10 per customer on them.


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