What do people make of this fully signed promo card? I feel like it's good but have been told otherwise.

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Fake by Bill Wyman.  

You beat me too it - all Wymann.

Thanks guys, that's a big help. 

was that sold at auction house this week cos I am sure I have seen it before

There was a recent thread about the Wyman signatures, and there was a thread last years(?) that had a few of these cards IIRC.

The auction said signed "by one behalf of all". Honest auction. I taked a yardbirds signatures in that auction this week. 

Sold price in that auction it was high for that bill wyman fake and i don't understand because...

Thumbs-up to the auction house for properly representing it. Could you place a link to it please?


These are the days of revelations.

No the auction didn't said "signed by one  behalf of all"... sorry. 


Said it in another lot of that auction... an autograph book...


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