DAWN FM CD available (regular cover and alternate covers) on The Weeknd's official store!

Regular Cover



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Is there any way of knowing how many are left?

The way everyone has been buzzing about these on social media and with the huge following he has, does it worry anyone else that these still haven't sold out 24 hours later, or is it just me lol? after reading the comments everything was telling me I should pass but I ended up buying all 3 and have a feeling I could end up regretting it. 

I guess they're still available because of the "quality" of his last signature, since it was just an "a". Who knows if he can improve it this time

For some reason, it wouldn’t let me add all three to my cart 

Day 3 and still not sold out, and now other sites are starting to sell them as well. man I hope these aren't autopen


I have just sent a cancellation request. The whole thing is now too suspicious for me...

They have a limit of 1, interesting.

Yes, that's an argument. But do you still think he'll do it like Taylor or Ed. I would have really liked to have the three different CDs, but on the other hand I actually see him just writing a short scribble on it that anyone else could do. Maybe my worries are completely unnecessary.

I'm with you and don't have a good feeling about these and my mind is telling me I should also cancel, but when I realized that the Electric Fetus ones are a different Indie exclusive version and I already ordered the other 3 versions I went ahead and ordered one of these too. probably not smart but just in case I'm wrong lol

KD, you are the best here in the forum :-)
I think it's kind of great that your doubts are always defeated by your hope.
I really wish you good luck and real, original and written out signatures on the four CDs! (even if I will be sad that I canceled, but this is our risk).

Ha Ha thanks, I don't really get upset about it like I used to because I go into each purchase knowing that it being Fake, delayed, or damaged is a good possibility. that way instead of being disappointed I am just pleasantly surprised when it turns out well. and if not, it's aggravating but as long as I can return them for my money back then no harm done. 

If anything like his last poster signing. All you get is BIG scribble can’t make out what it is



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