DAWN FM CD available (regular cover and alternate covers) on The Weeknd's official store!

Regular Cover



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You can see quantity remaining if you use a site like this one:


That's also if you trust the results.

Seems like he has several remaining of each.

another link for the Indie exclusive



seems to be the cheapest I’ve seen.  

Only $4 for shipping on this 1 limit per customer. Thanks for the heads up! I got two of the ones from his website and I'm gonna get this one to see if it has a better auto :) 

Just listened to the album and it’s as good as anything he’s done. It’s very very good (if you’re a weeknd fan)… 

Anyways, I ordered two signed cds from his website as mentioned before. Don’t care if it’s an a or w, but understand a lot of reluctance from everyone. Especially with the high shipping costs and questions about legitimacy… 

But I’m just gonna go with it, appreciate this community , y’all are the best! 

 I bought all 3 signed CD's on the site and noticed it did not say signed in the confirmation email.  I emailed the store and The customer service person just told me there are no signed CD's even though it says signed on the website, I don't understand what is happening....

Another person on Twitter got confirmation that they are signed. If they come unsigned it should be an easy refund though. 


A good sign is that the collectors editions from his web store are sold out!

As many of you did, I bought all 4 signed copies, including the independent record store edition! Here's hoping they are legit even though it seems unlikely! :-/ 

A limited amount of the collectors edition signed cd are available for a limited time



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