THE WEEKND (HUGE RIP OFF) 1 TRADING CARD £80.00 OF WHICH 11 RANDOMLY SIGNED*/*/Blinding-Lights-Billboard-Trading-Cards/79H60000000

DON'T BUY IT! I thought I'd post this to get a conversation going. How can artists get away with such practices? I mean, £80.00 for only 1 card, with a minuscule change of it being numbered and even smaller chance of it being signed? Are people going to buy this sh#t?

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I for one am out on this 

not worth the risk maybe if it was someone like Eminem or Luke combs I would ;) 

Absolute Daylight Robbery - £80.00 for a 10 pence piece of card......

not surprising though as he seems to have a big following - a very easy pass i'd never buy anything off such a rip off merchant - his last album release was a complete overpriced rip off.... it was advertised as Limited to 1000 copies and so Overpriced at $100++  or so and after 10 minutes,  it sold out - his webstore changed the listing after 10 minutes to unlimited and then changed the release date too - to make everybody wait 7 months or more -  half the people that ordered the initial 1000 cancelled - it was a total Joke

Whatever next - maybe The Weeknd has a sneeze and then sells his used toilet paper LOL ??? 

Not even worth it if they guaranteed a signed card IMO

This is so stupid to do... And the worst thing is that too many people will buy it still...

Yes it will sell out fast and they will bring out an even more expensive and stupid item to palm off on his fans! Watch all the other so called stars follow suit.... So glad I'm not one! 

Was STUPID enough to buy a signed posterthink last offer  Just signed LARGE Scribble couldn’t make out. Definitely not buy any “SIGNED” item again

So stupid lol. It’s prob not even the Artist. He’s worth we’ll over 100 million. I’m sure it’s his label or whatever. But yeah. 


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