I picked up a Witch recently and don't know if I should sell it or frame it with a creative matte?

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Very nice signed photo Robert. It would look great framed. If you decide to sell, I would be interested.

Thanks Joe, I might just keep it and frame it with a decorated matte. I had one years ago and kicked myself for selling it

Nice. Add Billie Burke and you'd got half the compass!

The best plan! Congratulations, it's a very nice signed photo.

My favorite witch from one of my favorite movies ever! Of course, I do live in Kansas, so I'm partial. Lol. Oh, and sorry Elizabeth Montgomery.
As a kid living in Kansas you probably went outside after watching the movie to see if you could find any flying monkees - lol
I'm pretty sure I did that a couple of times. Lol. When I was just a kid, man those flying monkeys scared the holy poop out of me! I mean they were just so creepy. I've lived in Kansas my whole life, except for a year in Spain, and I've still never seen a tornado in person! They're out there for sure...but fortunately they keep far enough away from me.

There's no place like home. 

That's what we say at Kansas Jayhawks basketball games! Lol.
Awesome photo! Love Love Love Wizard of Oz items!
Very cool! Maybe go with a ruby colored matte? Would fit the theme and the color would be interesting against the b&w image. Very cool to see.
Thanks Adam, I didn't think of the ruby color,I was thinking more green but that might be an additional color to add as well.



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