Think this is real? Signed Nirvana Picture At $910.

I believe these are real autos but I suspect this is a copy of the original. Crazy high for this.

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Item had 30 day returns so I'm sure the buyer will return it for a refund once he sees it's a copy. If this item said "seller does not offer returns" I think it would have sold for way less. That gave bidders comfort that they can take it to TPA and if it is deemed inauthentic, get their money back. 

I have found even when you have a no return policy, buyers can claim the product was misstated and eBay will force a return. 

I had a guy do this, a product not described case was opened by the buyer, eBay sided with the buyer, the guy then sent back an empty envelope. Had to fight eBay on it. eBay ended up identifying that this buyer has been doing the same thing with others and gave me my money back for the item.

That is a good benefit when buying on eBay. And paying with Paypal as well. They have a tendency to side with the buyer far more often than not. Of course, the odds are even better when you also pay with a credit card. Your card company cares a lot more about you than the merchant.

Seller stated in his auction " I don't know much about it. I got it at a local flea market /swap meet. It looks really nice hanging up." He did not state or claimed that this is an authentic Nirvana autographs. Any recourse?????

May be just me although I would have avoided this one altogether. But, if it has a 30 day return policy the reason to return it does not have to be about authenticity. 

usually not but I do know away around it .why did u buy it

Surely no one on this site purchased it.

I did not buy it.

This signed Nirvana photo is back up for sale as copy on the bay !!!!!

Yes it is. And it is a copy!


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