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i love them but he needs to get an actual signature. i refuse to pay for an autograph that is a symbol that my two year old could draw. it’s annoying because i like the group. 

I appreciate the details given: "Outer sleeve cover signed by Jared and Shannon in red ink". Agree with Brian though. I already own a CD insert signed by Jared, I'm satisfied with this for now.

Agreed about the sigs, 

Ordered a signed booklet from Newbury and was disappointed.  Not my copy below (this actually looks a little better!), but these are the scribbles to expect

"Scribbles" is right jayceman! That's a poor excuse for an "autograph"...ala Ed Sheeran, Duran Duran, The Weekend...totally unacceptable. Too bad we don't always get a preview of what we may expect. I'd pass on any graph that an artist does with a single letter, initials, symbol, or scribble!

All I can think of is the Lady Gaga fiasco 

Don’t forget about Alec Benjamin 

Or Diane Warren with her cursive D and others who just do their one letter signature :-/ 



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