Hi All,

This 12" single for China Girl/Shake it (Remix) brought $2,145 at RR with BP in August! From the John Brennan IP Collection and one of Bowie's most popular pop songs. It is this confluence to which I attribute the price. Imagine Ashes to Ashes only 3 years prior! Do you consider this an "album"? Some do and some don't. It sold as a signed album.

To what do you attribute the price?

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Hi Eric

I think it went for a silly price because it was possibly a few bidders favourite song.

It's definitely not an album.

Its also the highest selling price achieved for a 12" in history.

Yes, that song was huge. I remember seeing him in 2004 and folks were sitting through Station to Station and Diamond Dogs and standing for this! I do like Shake It tho. Best song on that LP is Ricochet for my $. I also do not consider it an album. I still think I got a steal on this:  :)

Sometimes there is just no logic to prices paid you just have to scratch your head that could have sat on e bay at $799 for months with no attention at all    

this is not true, nirvana ones have sold for over $10k.

Yep should have added "for a Bowie"...

Impressive either way! Hi Mark! :)

I think sometimes, you take the opportunity as it presents itself honestly. While yeah, probably most definetly overpaid in terms of "value", if you are obsessed with the song or the item itself and don't want to spend the time searching for another...It stands to reason you may outspend the value of what the item itself typically goes for on the market. 

I don't think everyone thinks in terms of resale value, especially if someone has the means available. I like to look at everything I purchase as simply a rental till I die :) 

auctions present the buyer with the dilemma of- will i ever see this again? after so many minutes it's gone.

Many times you do, and sooner than expected! 




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