Last week I was keeping an eye on 3 items in the latest Iconic Auctions sale.  I had seen all 3 on eBay recently and was surprised to see them on in the holiday auction at Iconic.  All three had pretty hefty starting bids. I took a chance on one but was outbid.  

Ove this weekend, I noticed that all 3 (including the one I was outbid on) are now back up on eBay at the higher prices that they were originally listed at under the user id "autographs-for-sale".  This happened to me once before on an item I was outbid on in the monthly Iconic auction where I saw it before and after the auction on eBay

On top of it, since I have been a registered bidder, I am getting monthly phone calls on the day of the auction from Iconic.  I never answer the calls but they keep on coming every month...never leaving a message.  They seem to be trying to drum up business on the evening of their auction.

At this point, I'm thinking I'll never waste the time again in participating in this nonsense. It seems as though I'll be "outbid" every time in their auctions and every time items will be back up on eBay a day or so later.  

Why is Iconic even believing that this is a good thing to keep a loyal following?  I'm sure there are others like myself who are looking both at their site and at eBay and noticing this "broken record" skipping over and over again.

Are they really serious about the integrity of their "house auctions"?  Any others have a similar experience?

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So it sounds like the smartest thing to do is to just avoid Iconic Auctions, Press Pass and Autographs-For-Sale as the are all in cahoots?   My question is:  If this shady alliance is well known, how is it that they keep going on?  If autograph collectors seem to know what they are up to, how do they have a following and actually sell their items? 

Well they are frauds in the sense of their bidding practices but if a person gets a legit item and they are happy with the price they paid for it, well it ends well for that bidder.

I agree, Steve.

I disagree with that statement, Steve.  Authenticity has not been questioned, and that is ultimately the main concern for autograph collectors.

Who's store is autographs for sale? 

I think most of those guys run in the same circles or used to , Brennan and co.

then avoid 98 percent of auctions as most dont go for the listed minium

authenticy should be the focus and for that jeff wolf is 100 straight and thats what matters

I don't know who autographs- for-sale is but it looks like they are under the same umbrella as Iconic Auctions and Press Pass Collectibles.  Items I have had my eye on seem to shift from one to the other to the other.

found out that Jeff woolf is the owner of the autographs-for-sale ebay account so he's basically using his own items in his iconic auctions. I've also heard a lot of complaints from co-signers about having to wait on receiving payment for months and months and their emails go unanswered. why anyone does business with them is questionable

How did you find out Jeff Woolf is the owner of autographs-for-sale?  

jeff woolf's return address is on the packages from autographs-for-sale

i get paid every month my stuffs in there auction  by wire so i guess im lucky

i sold 400 lots in november between 5 differnt auction houses included bonhans and heritage ,iconnic to name just a few and have no problems getting paid .its all done on a schedule.

i have around 600 lots out for auction right now to be sold over time and im not worried.

Jared Mast is the owner of Autographs-for-Sale. Jared is a long-time employee of Iconic Auctions. They operate out of the same facility last I heard. Jared is not an owner of Iconic and Jeff Woolf is not an owner of A-f-S as far as I know.



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