Is this Queen autographed correct?

Thank you, Roath

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Not genuine

Oh hi

Okay, fake? And what do you look at to determine autographs fake?

Flow, size, spacing and pen pressure. 

Haha, you are funny... Thank you for "opinion"

You may not like it, but Innuendo is right. That Game album is obvious fake. When you have something signed by four different people, you should see four different handwritings. This is written by one hand - you can connect each of those four fakes together - there are characteristics which are the same for all 4 and therefore - its obvious poor fake.  

"Roath Jusgar"  you ask for opinions for the terrible fakes you post -- and then don't like it when you hear the truth?  Go away and troll some other site.  Are you doing these forgeries yourself and then 'testing' the members here? 

Obvious fakes. Innuendo's opinion is highly regarded.

Its awful fake done by one hand. 


Those Queens are definitely not real in my opinion. Innuendo is the best I know on Queen. You can depend on his opinions on them.

Roath is likely a troll, and I removed him. 

Innuendo is the man on Queen. Even a basic review of these graphs shows a shakiness in what would otherwise be a smooth flow to the signatures. Yea, the signings are bogus. If you don't like the feedback try elsewhere.



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