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Just got on the forum to get some opinions on some Radiohead related autographs only to see that someone else beat me to it (for another item). I'd let to pick this up if its legitimate, but Thom-boy's signature is so goofy you can never tell. Both items are from the same seller who claims to have seen Radiohead in Mexico City a few weeks back. Any response would be GREATLY appreciated. Thom Yorke is a god to me and his sig would be incredible to own. 

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I would pass on all of these from that seller.

Here is a genuine Yorke from 20 years ago:

I would pass on this seller.  First of all he states he got both of his items signed a few weeks ago, but they are in two different inks.  Hard to believe they swapped out signing instruments between signings.  Attached is an authentic example...(Colin Phil and Jonny Sign at the Ivor Novello awards in London in 2004.  Ed and Thom at BBC broadcasting house January 17 2008...Thom and Ed sat in for Zane Lowe

Thanks for the response.. and for saving the heartache! 


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