Hello everyone...just wanted and would highly value any opinions on the Edison signature that is in his usual pencil.

I recently purchased it on Invaluable.com and was told it was from a Miami Estate. There was no documentation with it of course. Everything is pretty much as you see in the lots when they're offered on that site.  They usually tend to be brief in their item descriptions. It is in his often used pencil format. Wondered if upon your inspection that the signature look ok? Thank uuuu in advance! Steven

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THINK THIS will Fly as AUTHENTIC? Looking for quick opinions:)

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First - I'm not an expert so my opition is only my own, but this signature looks like someone just write it carefully first and then draw it again with different pencil... it is weird. A and E looks completely different from the original samples, some parts are made in a strange way.

In my eyes it is not real.

Thank you. I value your input.

I'd be extremely surprised if Thomas Edison actually signed that.

Thank you. I appreciate your input.



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