I am currently looking to add a full or partial Beatles set and would like to ask anyone for their opinions on a few items I am looking at. I appreciate your time and feedback.



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Certainly well priced. Any chance anyone has a Harrison signed check for sale.
Ha! Believe me I have many moments like that, but worse! Still a fantastic set. I just wanted to take note.

I'm glad you did! I couldn't understand why it was so inexpensive.

Hi Thomas:  I have three sets that might work for you, Dennis


Please take a few fresh photos or scans of each of your 3 items and post them. These have strange things going on with their color, and the top one looks over processed.


To add to this, does anybody think a doubled authenticated piece, aka a jsa and psa is worth more than a psa stand alone? Would my auto be worth more if all three companies agree it's legit?
I think it might sway the mind of someone who didn't know too much about Beatle autographs to have more than one COA. However in the world of knowledgeable potential buyers one COA from Frank Caiazzo or Tracks would trump several by authenticators who don't specialise in The Beatles.

I have to agree, and my opinion would also weigh in to be quite honest. 

To be even more honest, if I can't see "it" myself, I don't care who says what. 

That's a good point Eric, about your own opinion. Once or twice I've seen stuff on even Frank Caiazzo's website that I wouldn't buy myself. I'm not challenging his opinion just adopting the same mindset as you.

My way of thinking is that any doubt you have personally before buying an item would come back to haunt you should you wish to sell it on, a FC COA might be an exception to that in that it would be widely accepted but I think there's a lot of truth in your outlook overall.

The top two names in Beatles authenticity is Frank Caiazzo and Tracks. Perry Cox is also really good with Beatles as well.

I think the "general public" probably won't know these names without doing research, so in a way PSA, Beckett, JSA are going to be more trusted by someone with vague research and wanting a Beatle autograph.

You definetly want to always trust the piece you are buying, I personally now would only buy a piece that had Caiazzo or Tracks for that extra ease of mind. I personally don't plan on selling any of mine, but it is nice to have LOAs in case of emergency it will be easier to sell.



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