All right guys....something a little different....here are a few examples of Joe Dimaggio signatures...some are authentic...some are not...some of these are from on line sites...some of these are are from my PC...and one of these I know was signed in person from one of my buddies collections...

Which ones do you guys feel are authentic and why ?...as you can see almost all of these autos are not even close to being the same...which makes which the real Mccoy ?...please feel free to leave comment on what you guys feel are good and or bad and why do you feel so with the # of the photo...I know there has been lots of Mantle threads on here but I think its now time a Joe Dimaggio thread should be started on to what they look like and what we should stay away from...and what characteristics should be looked out for in purchasing an authentic Dimaggio...

Please post any Joe Dimaggio photos you have or any information regarding the "Yankee Clipper" that you may be able to help share on the education on one of the most unpredictable auto styles of one of Americas Icons...   


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So here is my Dimaggio I purchased a few years back, which I got from what I thought was a trusted source (ASI) Now that I am going back and examining the auto and comparing to others I am noticing a few tell tale signs of some of the forgers sig..... tapered at end, the 2 g's being so similar, the a looking like an o. What do you guys think of it?

Myles... This item is highly suspect in my opinion. Sorry.

Yes Myles...this one does not look good to me either...

Here is a pic of my DiMaggio ball.  A member on here bought this as a part of a lot from a Heritage auction, i then bought this particular ball from him.  The auction was pre-certed by PSA, but I have no official cert.  I have gotten positive feedback from members on this site concerning its authenticity so I feel pretty good about it.

No question legit !!!...Whooooo !!!!!!!!...LOL

Had a question on this press Pass the J's look eerily similar and it looks like it was singed just "Joe" my Great Grandfather was in the same Mens Club as a few Yankees players back then and Joe D was one of them ...so I thought maybe but who knows....


It looks like someone's initials, like "JN" or something like that.  Not Joe D, unfortunately.

I just thought the J looked similar to that of Joe's J , I didn't think they were initials when I looked at it it looked as if it was just signed "JOE" in script....but maybe not 36 was his rookie year so I doubt he'd be signing press passes anyways....

A little late on the thread, but I was sold a Field of Dreams DiMaggio ball with only a sticker for COA (no certificate). FOD has no record of this and refuse to verify it on their end and my trust in that brand is fading. I came across this posting below that gave me serious reason for concern of authenticity since they look exactly the same with a FOD COA (not to mention number 7 in this original post).

Field of Dreams DiMaggio Ball Warning

I have notified eBay and have it on hold with an unwilling seller to return my money, so I wanted confirmation from . I wanted to enlist the opinions of the members on here with all the knowledge seen on these threads.

Here are the pictures:

It is hard to tell in pictures, but there is some light discoloration on the top left of the J and the left of the D. Not sure, but it also looks like the J might be reverse pen movement with what appears to be hesitation marks (as seen in pictures) at the top and the left of the upper part of the J (slightly thinner in this area). The lighter sections seem like they would be from not moving your hand comfortably and being more deliberate in your actions catching the pen more on the edge given how far out they go. The a's and g's almost seem to perfect as well in my opinion from my 2 day crash course.

I got a call from a friend (ironically a buyer/seller for Field of Dreams in Houston), and I am going to take a look at the below signature her late husband got in a signing DiMaggio did in the 80's with no authentication. I am actually meeting with her tomorrow to look at it and if I am interested for $200.

I know 100% this is an authentic Joe Dimaggio autograph .




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