What's everyone's Thoughts on paypals new 180 dispute policy?
I love the old policy, 45 days, as I have been saved by it before as people have tried to scam me but I think 180 days is waaaaaay too long.

What do you think?

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$1500 for a Mitchell & Ness jersey is unbelievably high, for starters, as those are replicas. So, the signed jersey was probably worth closer to $500-$600, to be honest. Beyond that, eBay used to have the $250 policy, but has since raised that to $700 or so, for required Signature Confirmation. Given Signature Confirmation costs $3 or something, it seems odd someone would opt out of getting it. (It's automatically selected and added to the shipper total when you print USPS postage through Paypal/eBay.) 

As for the CC situation, yes, chargebacks happen. That said, for the most part, if you follow their rules and document your transactions, Paypal does its best to fight chargebacks. I wouldn't put too much merit into the story about the Mantle jersey for those reasons (obvious overvalue of the sale price & unlikely chance that seller didn't add del. conf. to the supposed $1500 order).

Dane, would you like me to have this guy contact you so he can give you all the details. This happened to him two, three years ago. Yes, they USED to have $250 and changed in several months ago in 2014 to $700...probably because of situations like his. Why would he opt out of Sig Con? The same reason most people do, they don't think they need it as it has tracking. I don't remember if it was a M&N, but it was a Yankee jersey and did sell for well over a grand. He could have had Berra or Ford on there too, it was a while back. I will put merit into his story. He was a retired firefighter not some powerseller. I will try and get hold of him and see if he will join so he can debate any rebuttals you have. 

"Paypal does it's best to fight chargebacks"  "Ebay does it's best to fight forgeries"

I always do sig confirmation for over 250 - better safe than sorry
Paypal has their rules but they are trumped by the credit card companies rules. You should always use a cc on paypal if possible was advise I have received before. Even if you lose a case but used the credit card you can still do a chargeback. I've never had it happen to me or had to do it but that's a bit of info lol

Paypal *does* do its best to fight chargebacks. I've had three attempts at a chargeback, and Paypal sent me an email explaining that I'm covered by seller protection.

As I said before, if you follow their rules, they will protect you.

Now, as for the seller, there's no need. Either he sold a $600 jersey for $1500 (which is the same as buying a $400 autograph for $50 -- both are invitations to fraud) or he only got $1500 for a $17,000 jersey. Either way, I do feel bad for the guy, but he really should have just paid the $3 or whatever. I always view it as a small price to pay (2o basis points or 0.2%) for insurance.

yes, if the buyer uses a credit card as the funding option he can file a chargeback against paypal then paypal just rips it out of your account no matter how long it has been or the if the products were proven delivered. Paypal is the worst thing to ever hit ebay.

I have had several really bad things happen with buyers and PayPal. I once sold a Beatles set of autographs ona piece of paper from 1963 to a buyer in Florida. The set had been authenticated by Frank Caiazzo. The buyer accepted his COA and I mailed the signed set out to him via Fed Ex overnight. He had the signatures for 3-4 months and sends them to GAI or JSA (I can't recall which) and they say they are NOT authentic!!! He contacts PayPal and they freeze the funds in my account until it gets resolved. I naturally stand behind the signatures as Frank had authenticated them and it was a no brainier to me that they were authentic. I tell PayPal that I would gladly refund the Buyer BUT the item had to be returned to me in the same condition as he had received it. They informed the buyer and remind him of my original terms of sale and the return process and he agreed. He sends BACK the autographed page and it has been FOLDED twice and there is glue residue all around the 4 sides of the page! When he packaged it for return the now glued page had folded into itself covering the autographs. It was a mess! I sent PayPal images of it upon arrival and showed them the before and told them I was disputing the full amount because had damaged the autographs. Long story short, they sided with the BUYER and my set was damaged and lost tons of value. Very frustrating to say the least.
It must have been a credit card charge back as the 45 day period would have been up
Well Anthony. The buyer. Talk about clueless. How much money did you lose?
I once out an item up and within a few minutes had someone messaging me asking for a quick sale and they offered over 3x the going rate. Needless to say I took it.

2 months later I get an email from paypal saying the buyer tried to get a refund but because the 45 days was up it wasn't done. I contacted the buyer turns out he found out he could get the same item much cheaper and so wanted a refund to get a cheaper one!!!!!

I was so happy the 45 days were up lol. Imagine if it was 180 days I would be out a lot of money



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